About the Project

3DB Solution offer user-friendly digital imaging solutions for use in the leisure and amusement industry that they develop in house. They were looking to upgrade their website and was looking for someone who can meet their unique requirements.

Goals of the Project

  • Create an entirely new site while keeping functions they have designed in house for their clients.
  • Offer the site in both French and English


The difficult part? Their new site and current functions were not going to be written in the same language. Making them communicate together without recreating the entire infrastructure required brainstorming. The Solution was…


After several weeks of trying to find a solution and testing different theories with no success, we stepped back and thought outside the box, or in this case frame. We took their current website and stripped it of all the content except the function they wanted to keep. We then created a new CSS document that would create the illusion that while viewing the new site, there would be have a frame looking into the old site. Matching the color scheme of both sites makes the human eye blind to the fact that they are loading/viewing 2 websites at the same time. That is what makes us Neuro Diverse!

The Current Site

Strip the current site of everything but the function to keep.
CSS Styling

Edit the CSS to match the design scheme of the new site. That simple!

This was accomplished using...

Clients Feedback

If you’re looking to work with someone who’s efficient and dedicated, Nick is your guy. He was able to re design our website better than we had imagined, even with our specific requirements. The honest and open communication was sincerely appreciated, we couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you for everything you’ve done Nick!