About the Project

Oggi Foods is a pioneer in producing gourmet and authentic gluten-free Italian pizzas. As they are growing and have expanded into the US they were looking to optimize the deliverability of their site. They wanted to ensure clients from all regions of the globe experience the same quick load times.
Oggi Foods

Goals of the Project

  • Fix slow load times
  • Offer a site specific to their visitors region
  • Have a multilingual site
  • Simplify product management


Their initial request was to fix issues with their site. Slow load times and broken links were affecting their user experience and not portraying the same quality service their clients were expecting.


The company had since outgrown their infrastructure. Before we could focus on fixing their site, we needed to create a new setup that would allow them to grow to scale. The steps taken are listed below.

Google Cloud Hosting To fix slow load times we migrated them from a shared hosting environment to google cloud instance.
Use of a CDN To help solve latency issues from visitors in different regions we configured cloudflare. It also allowed us to take advantage of the numerous security configurations we could gain from it!
WPML We installed and setup WPML, a wordpress plugin that allowed them to easily manage multiple languages from within the same CMS platform without the need of a second website.
Pods With the use of pods in the admin area, managing their products for their retail clients and B2B has become an ease with no more confusion.  

This was accomplished using...

Clients Feedback

They haven’t sent us a feedback, might be they’re busy enjoying their new setup. However we are so sure they enjoyed working with us that we encourage you to contact them for reference if you wish to do so.