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The demos


We have created several demos which we call instances. Through the customer area, you can access our wordpress manager and choose from among the many sites ready to be installed.

Designed by one of our professionals using Elementor and the free HELLO theme.

Play Video

Listen to a 2-minute video tutorial on how to install our demos.

The 4 steps to an installation

After choosing a wordpress hosting service visit your dashboard and click on services. You will have a “My Products and Services” tab below, you will have your wordpress package listed. click on management. This will take you to your hosting dashboard. On the right, you will have an “ACTIONS” tab. Select wordpress management.

Here you manage your WordPress installations. Selecting the new installation will install a base version of WordPress. What you want to do is click the 3 dots on the right and from the menu select “Use Instance Image”. Select the instance you want to use and fill in the domain you want to use for the installation.



Take me to the WordPress Manager

Once you’ve installed an instance click the pencil icon to the right of the installation you want to edit. From here you have plenty of options. Backup, clone, manage plugins, themes, updates…Click Control Panel to login into your WordPress dashboard.


*If the installation was successful and you don’t see it listed, reload the page, depending the size of the chosen instance it may take up to 5 min for it to appear.*

Vous avez installé avec succès une instance et disposez d’une fondation pour construire votre site. Remplacez le contenu et les images par le vôtre et mettez à jour le site.

Why use an instance?

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